AAA Auto Buying Tools App (Review)


AAA is a name synonymous with automobiles. If you are a car owner, chances are you know about their services. I know their roadside assistance has saved my butt at least a couple of times. That said, I’ve never used their car buying tools, so this app was a new experience.

Upon first launching the app, you are asked to enter your zip code. This is so that the application can find cars in your area. After that, you can search for a car by using the “Build a New Car,” or  “Enter a New Car VIN.” The VIN is self-explanatory. You search for a car by the VIN number.

Build a New Car, however, is probably a user’s most likely stop. You can select a make and model, price range and go on from there to find the car you are looking for. When you find a car, you can begin looking through for additional options and features as well as the vehicle’s specs. You can look at the TrueCar pricing, which is really just a pricing of more or less what people really paid for the car compared to the sticker price, and what people paid locally compared to the national price. This pace will also let you check safety ratings or AAA ratings for particular vehicles. This is also where you can compare vehicles in case you are weighing your options.


If you find something you really like, you can add it to your favorites for a quick lookup later. It’s also very easy to contact AAA at any time through the process by simply hitting the big red “Contact AAA” button at the top-right.

The “More” tab at the bottom has your profile information (for AAA members) a contact area for feedback, signup and Roadside Assistance. Roadside Assistance will use your current location and automatically dial out to get you any help you may need.

The app is handy for car shopping, and AAA members will get more use out of it. The download free, so it’s something to take a look at.



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