Act Surprised: iPad 3 Expected to Hit Around March or April of 2012

iPad 2 Side Shot

Here’s news you probably didn’t expect. The iPad 3 is expected to launch around March or April of 2012. According to Digitimes, the new device will arrive in the next three to four months, and component makers in the supply chain have already begun delivering parts.

Also noted, the iPad 2 will remain in production through Q4 of 2011 with about 14-15 million units being made, but will drop drastically to four to five million around Q1 of 2012, this is of course to make room for the iPad 3.

Digitimes also reports that Foxconn is scheduled to begin production of the devices by January, and will ramp it up the following month with production to reach nearly 10 million units during Q1.

This is probably in line with the reports we heard around this time last year. In all seriousness, there was little doubt in our minds that there would be an iPad 3, and there was little doubt that it would arrive March or April (in fact, a friend asked this very question yesterday).

Anyway, you can read the full report here.

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