Analyst: Expect Redesigned iPad 3 and iPhone 5 in 2012

iPad 2 Side Shot

According to analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, it’s likely that we can expect a major redesign of Apple’s major iOS devices, the iPad and the iPhone. This is entirely possible, being that the iPhone 4S isn’t a change from the iPhone 4 as far as looks go. Everything is really under the hood.

Munster (isn’t that an awesome last name, by the way?) says that because there was no major redesign that we can expect something for 2012. He thinks the iPhone 5 (or will Apple call it the iPhone 6?) will release about midway through the year.

He believes that Apple’s revenue will grow about 14 percent in calendar 2013, but says that’s a conservative estimate. He also believes that Apple will release the iPad 3 in 2012, which is a given at this point. However, he adds that if Apple chooses to expand the tablet beyond the current models and price points, it can mean major growth.

However, if you ask me, it doesn’t seem that Apple is having any trouble growing.

[Via Apple Insider]

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