AOC Unveils e2343Fi Monitor With iPhone/iPod Touch Dock

Tagged as AOC e2343Fi, the smartest monitor ever developed, yet to be launched, sports an iPhone dock which is placed directly under the screen. Presenting a 23-inch display, the iPhone dock gives the power for the iPhone or iPod to directly shoot video content to the large screen for viewing. 

Voiced to be launched at the CES 2012, next month, AOC will also be showing off a new 3D display at the CES in 23-inch size and a mobile USB display.

Users would be able to play videos directly from the iOS device without the hassle of having to use an Apple TV or any HDMI output cable. To further spice things up a bit, the 23” comes fitted with a pair of SRS Premium Sound Speakers.

No word on pricing or the release date is available but we have a feeling that it might be announced at the event itself.


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