Apple Awarded Multitasking Smartphone Patent

Apple has been known for its success in the patent wars, just take a look at its recent claim over the banning of several HTC phones.  Now it has its sites set on the world of smartphone multitasking.


Apple has now been given a patent that specifically states they have the right over “portable electronic device with graphical user interface supporting application switching.”  What this means broadly is smartphone multitasking of any type since it has such a broad wording applied to it.  The assumption here is that a violation of this patent by a competitor would require having a duplication of Apple’s specific hardware in its entirety rather than just similar elements of it or isolated tools.  Even though the wording is written broadly enough to try to apply to multiple situations, an ITC ruling would not stand outside of this context.


The real result of the broad wording for this multitasking patent is simply to give more ammunition against one of its main competitors: Android.  There is such a diversity in Android models, all of which with such slight variations in their own application of multitasking modes, that there will be grounds for a lawsuit against at least one or two of them based on this patent approval.  This may come in handy for the coming 2012 smartphone battle, but the real patent wars are going to eventually come down to a behemoth showdown of Google and Apple.  Now that’s the kind of fight I would close out some apps to watch.


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