Apple Eyeing Flash Memory Company for Acquisition?


A recent report says that Apple is looking to acquire Flash memory maker Anobit for up to half a billion dollars.

Flash memory. It’s in a majority of Apple’s devices these days, it seems: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, MacBook Air. Well, if anything, it’s in all of their major money-makers. Naturally, Apple is very interested in flash memory, and seems to believe that the future of laptops includes devices like this, like the MacBook Air.

If true, this is probably a good move for Apple with as much as they are investing in flash storage [via TechCrunch]. They want to stay competitive, and are doing so by staying on top of their game while many of the others are still working on catching up to devices like the iPad and MacBook Air.

If Apple could handle their own memory, that’s just one more competitive edge that have: custom chips, reduced cost and more. We already know that Apple isn’t afraid to spend some cash to make manufacturing smoother. Even if that means buying a bunch of lasers to beat the other guys.


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