Apple Hires Designer Based on Beautiful Interface Design Concepts

It’s always very cool to read a story about someone coming from a not so glamorous background and becoming something awesome. That’s what happened to Jan-Michael Cart, a design student from Georgia. He’s designed many popular concept and mock-up interfaces for iOS devices.

The video above shows just one of his ideas for interface design in iOS. Apparently, Apple was pretty dang pleased with his work. The contacted him and now he’s going to be working for the Cupertino-based company as an intern.

Here’s what he said in a blog post:

Soon I will be embarking to California, where I will be interning at a fruit company for seven months. I will be updating this to chronicle my adventures and misadventures in the Bay Area for my family, friends, and followers online. Stay tuned, I leave in less than a month!

That’s very awesome to hear. We’ve never really heard of the guy until now, but we wish him the best as he works for what looks like a rocking company.

Sometimes, great opportunities come when you don’t see them. Like some of those who found success in all development.

[Via 9to5Mac]




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