Apple Patent Hints at Facial Recognition Features for iOS Devices and Computers

iOS Facial Recognition

We’ve always thought this sort of thing could be very awesome. Facial recognition for devices. For instance, imagine an iPad logging you in with your user settings when you wake it, this all based on the user’s face. Then, if your significant other, or child, powers it up, they encounter separate settings catering to them.

This was hinted at in a patent filed back in 2009, but only recently became public. It’s been said in the past that Apple has been experimenting with such ideas, as originally reported by the Wall Street Journal. We’ve also seen basic facial recognition used within several photo sharing apps in the past. Kinect for Xbox 360 does something similar for users who step in front of the camera (though it hasn’t worked particularly well for me).

This could also work for MacBooks and Macs so long as their is a built-in FaceTime camera on the machine.

[Via Patently Apple]


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