Apple Removes Fake ID Creation App from App Store

Apple has removed a free app from the App Store that created fake drivers licenses for users. While the app was likely meant for fun or entertainment purposes, it didn’t sit well with some. US Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania was one of those folks, and he sent a letter to Apple asking for its removal from the App Store.

His request may have some merit, as it lets users insert any photo or information on a driver’s license. They also contain templates for all 50 states. Here’s what Casey had to say:

The “License” application by for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad allows users to electronically insert any digital photo and the biographic information of their choosing into a template for a driver’s license of a state of their choosing. The “License” application contains templates for driver’s licenses for all 50 states, many of which are of designs that will be valid for the next several years. The user is then able to send the high quality digital image of the completed template to an email account. From the email attachment, the image can then be printed and laminated, creating a high quality counterfeit driver’s license difficult to discern from one that’s genuine.

On top of that, he added:

“I believe this application poses a threat to public safety and national security…it can be used in a way that allows criminals to create a new identity, steal someone else’s identity, or permit underage youth to purchase alcohol or tobacco illegally. National security systems depend on the trustworthiness of driver’s licenses, yet with a counterfeit license created by the app, a terrorist could bypass identity verification by the Transportation Security Administration, or even apply for a passport.”

Apple ended up pulling the app and it looks like everyone’s happy. Except maybe a few people who actually used the app.

This isn’t a first. We remember lawmakers were once concerned with an iOS app that simulated police lights.

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