Dance With Santa? Sure, Why Not?


Reel Doozy is an iOS app that lets you capture video with your iOS device and use some basic green screen magic to superimpose characters over the video. If you’ve ever wanted to dance with Santa, like in the video above, you totally can.

It’s definitely entertaining. It will make the kids laugh. Parents will probably have  a blast filming their kids’ dance moves. Everybody wins, right?


Los Angeles, Calif. (December 21, 2011) – Reel Doozy,  creators of a revolutionary platform that allows you to combine green screen scenarios of iconic figures including Santa Claus, Elves and even YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill into any of your personal photos or videos. With this green screen technology, you can have Santa appear in whatever photo or video you please. Click HERE for a sample video. Click HERE to see the YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill using the Reel Doozy app.

Simply choose a foreground video supplied by Reel Doozy and then set the scene to take place inside of any one of your favorite homemade pictures or videos. In a matter of seconds you can experience the fun and entertainment of a holiday icon like Santa appearing in this highly personalized video. You can then share your Santa Claus video with friends and family via email, YouTube or Facebook®.

“Green screen technology has provided an abundant amount of capabilities for the film industry for decades, and we wanted to apply this same entertainment value and appeal in a simple and easily accessible medium, your iDevice” said Ross Kohn, CEO, Reel Doozy. “With the holidays approaching soon, we figured what better platform to offer our customers than the ability to have Santa Claus in your very own home delivering presents, which you can show to your kids the next morning as proof of his existence.”

The Reel Doozy app is now free to download at iTunes, and Reel Doozy is offering the first 4 videos for free as well.

You can check out the app below:


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