Distimo: iOS Apps Generate a Boatload More Revenue Than Android Apps

App Revenue iOS vs Android

Android and iOS are both hugely popular mobile platforms. It’s no wonder there are so many apps on both platforms. Still, Android apps seem to be somewhat struggling (at least in comparison to iOS) when it comes to generating revenue. That’s what data from Distimo, an app analysis firm, says.

We’ve heard about this a few times in the past. It’s difficult, because there are so many methods of distribution and methods of payment, it can be a problem for some users. Apple managed to build a solid platform for app distribution by weening people in with 99 cent songs. Eventually, it was movies. Then cute little applications for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Eventually they talked many of us into buying full-on software like Logic Pro 9 off the App Store.

Alright, sorry, we went off on a bit of a tangent there (the Christmas week is slow for news, forgive us). Either way, the App Store for iOS is pulling in tons of downloads, 18 billion so far, to be exact. So you probably won’t be surprised to know that after comparing the 200 highest-grossing apps in each market, Distimo discovered that iOS apps brought in six times the total revenue of the Android. That’s four times as much looking at the iPhone alone and twice as much if only counting the iPad.

It’s interesting to see how the two approaches work. We just hope Android developers can get their fair share of the pie.

[Via Wired]

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