Ever Wonder What Went into Apple’s ‘Think Different’ Campaign?

Think Different

Have you ever wondered about the story behind Apple’s highly-popular ‘Think Different’ campaign? This lengthy piece, via Forbes, tells about the minds working behind the campaign, which Apple has long since left behind, but it still remains engrained in many of our memories as one of the best ad campaigns ever. Of course that may also be because it skyrocketed the ailing company back into popularity and made Apple a household name.

Here is a portion of the story, detailing how the writer was able to get so much information:

How do I know what took place? I was there—right in the thick of it. I was the creative director and managing partner at TBWA/Chiat/Day working on the Apple pitch alongside CEO and Chief Creative Officer Lee Clow. Together, Lee and I headed up and actively participated in all of the work done for the pitch. I was also in every agency meeting with Jobs throughout the process — pre-pitch, pitch and post-pitch.

It’s an interesting piece. Have a look at it at Forbes: Here.

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