Facebook App for iPhone Adds Timeline

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You know that Timeline that’s been popping up on everyone’s Facebook? It makes it look like MySpace all over again (remember MySpace? Yeah, we try to forget it, too). Anyway, the Facebook App for iPhone has been updated to include Timeline. The good news is that it’s not the horrible mess that the desktop interface is (but that’s just my opinion).

In fact, it looks great on the iPhone. We checked out the iPad app, and it doesn’t seem to have that Timeline layout yet, so no luck there. Perhaps it will be working soon. At least we know that Facebook is quick to update their iPhone / iPod touch app. It shows that they are dedicated to mobile platforms, and want to continue to make it better. The only real negative so far is that it felt a bit slow for us. We haven’t had extensive time with it, though.

We are actually digging the new layout.

You can check out the app here:


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