Freakin’ Huge iPod Dock is Freakin’ Huge



This is a gigantic iPod dock by Behringer. It’s called the iNuke Boom and weighs in at an amazing 700 pounds. This sucker is four feet tall and eight feet long. It’s a 10,000 watt beast.

It’s a real product, and will set you back $3ok. 30K! That’s several years rent for me! That’s about twice as much as my car, or 60 iPads. That’s 12 Mac Pro towers. This thing won’t fit in your home. It will piss of the neighbors. You won’t even be able to get this through most doors. It will kick your butt when the electricity bill comes in.

Is it necessary? We suppose you could turn on some soulful tunes and make love on top of this monster. Who knows. We won’t be buying one.

[via Behringer]

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