Freehands: Glove For Your iOS Device


It’s winter. That means you have to wear a whole bunch of clothes designed to keep you warm. This includes gloves. Of course gloves usually means less finger dexterity, and perhaps no use of your iOS device.

Luckily, there are accessories designed for iOS devices that are made with just this in mind. Freehands are gloves made specifically for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. They allow users to use the touchscreen without removing the gloves. Nice for chilly days.

The gloves below actually feature a design that allows you to use the screen with the gloves completely on. This is useful for swiping gestures, etc. If you need more precision, such as what you would want for texting or dialing, you can flip the ends of the fingers up and off. Now you can use the device as you would without a glove, but without completely removing it.



You can check them out at the Freehands website.

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