Getting Started With FaceTime

FaceTime has been on the scene for over a year now, gracing the latest models of the iOS devices.  This video chat service, embedded right in your iPhone, changed the expectations on mobile devices and opened up the world of video calling on a cellular scale.  This simple feature is so easy that it can actually be somewhat confusing for those who have just pulled their new iPhone 4s out of the box and have just finished activation.  Here is a look at getting started with FaceTime so it can become a regular part of your iPhone usage.

FaceTime is actually an automatic feature on the iPhone 4s, as well as the iPhone 4, and you do not have to set up in the conventional way.  Instead, you have to simply ready your device for use with FaceTime and know how to set up calls.  The parameters of FaceTime are simply that you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and that the person you are calling with FaceTime is available, meaning that they have an iPhone capable of it and are also connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection during the attempted call.  Inside a Contact you have several different call options, and one of them is FaceTime.

Before you begin to use FaceTime you have to start by making sure it is activated on your iPhone.  Go into Settings and then select FaceTime, which is below Phone and above Safari in the regular Settings area.  On the top of the FaceTime settings menu make sure that the switch for FaceTime is set to On.  It will notify you here that your phone number and email address will be shared with those that you FaceTime with.  Below that will be a setting for your FaceTime identification, which is set as default as your Apple ID.  When you select this you can just enter in your Apple ID information or create a brand new account.  Your standard Apple ID is the best option here and is a great way to keep everything with your iPhone centralized.  Below that will be the location for your relevant contact information, and your phone number will already be entered and you will not be able to change it.  Below that you can add an email address that you want associated with your FaceTime account.  Once this is all standardized then you can make FaceTime calls with your regular Contacts.

If you do want to streamline the process for making FaceTime calls on a more regular basis then you are going to want to specify which people are capable of receiving the FaceTime call in your Contacts list.  There is not specially designated spot for this kind of information, but you can choose to enter their phone number in the iPhone section of the Contacts rather than the regular Mobile spot.  You may, however, have to just remain aware of who is FaceTime ready.

A proper FaceTime call will be similar to a regular phone call.  First you are going to want to go into Camera and set the camera pointed towards the user rather than the one on the back of the camera.  Then go into the Contact you want to call and choose the FaceTime button.  As long as you are connected to a valid Wi-Fi network then it will initiate the call and ring the other person, and they can accept the call in the same way that they would if they were accepting a regular phone call.  If you are not connected to a valid Wi-Fi signal then it will cancel your call before it even starts.  You will see your image, which is the one from the camera, in the main display during the attempt at the call and when they accept it that image will be replaced by theirs while yours is placed in the upper right hand corner.  From here you can choose to switch cameras if you want to show them an image from the additional camera.

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