Great Post-Holiday iPhone Gift Ideas

The holidays tend to be a time when people get new mobile devices, and Christmas is one of the most dense single phone activation days of the whole year.  Now that the iPhone 4s has disseminated itself so well, and with the post-holiday sales in full swing, it may be a time to think about purchasing some after holiday gifts for early birthdays and the coming Valentine’s season.  There are a number of peripherals and accessories for a new iPhone 4s that are a great and are not going to break the bank. Here is a look at a few cheap gift ideas for iPhone users now that the holidays have come to a close.

iTunes Gift Card
The standard for this type of mobile is the Apple iTunes gift card. This will obviously get them all kinds of media from iTunes, but most importantly it can be used for iPhone applications. Often times many of the more interesting games and entertainment applications are tempting, but paying for them seems a little excessive. With a gift card the user will finally feel free to try out weird games that let you shoot different bird mutations that seem much more aggravated than they should be.

Docks and Stands
Since you may want to use your iPhone for more than just talking you may want a stand. This will prop it up for watching videos, selecting music, and really for just organizing your work space. The PED Rotating Stand is a great choice because of its flexible design, and runs for $39.99.  This may seem like quite a bit for something that really just supports the iPhone, but it really can allow the device to be used in a more stationary and secure way.

Bluetooth and Arm Bands
Remember very quickly that the gift is not for you but for your slightly less educated and conscious friend and/or family member. You can put aside your appropriate feelings about Bluetooth headsets and “sport” armbands and think about if they would like one of these. Both of these can be found relatively inexpensive in generic versions, but the Jawbone Bluetooth set defines top of the line. The Marware Sportsuit Convertible is often touted as the superior armband, but this is not the type of gift where spending extra money on notable brand names will be rewarded.

OtterBox (

Protective Case
The touch screen seems delicate, and it is. An appropriate cover is a good idea to protect your iPhone from casual drops on the pavement and steel lint in your pocket. Instead of getting a standard cover, try the Griffin Clarifi case. The back has a microlens that will help your onboard camera lens take even better photos. Griffin also makes a stand called the Air Curve that is designed to amplify the sound from the onboard speakers. It runs slightly more than the PED Rotating Stand, but if you want to maximize the standard speakers then this is a good choice.  The Otter Box is still one of the best options that you have available, and this has extended all the way to the iPhone 4s.  This will run a little less than $40, but will be one of the best courses of protection against device trauma.

FM Adapter
Though there are a lot of very specific peripherals that can allow you to directly plug your iPhone into the stereo in your car, the easier way to do this is to actually just use a radio transmitter that will allow you to just connect your iPhone playback through an available radio station.. FM transmitters tend to be relatively inexpensive and can even be coupled with a remote charger. The DLO TransDock Micro is not a standard iPhone FM transmitter, but will work well for what you need. This can be a lot easier to work with than the classic iTrip peripheral.

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