iGrill Cooking Thermometer is Now Part of Omaha Steaks Steak Time iPhone App



We’re big fans of the iGrill Cooking thermometer. Actually, our editor is always telling us about the good food he’s cookin’ up for the family, and grilling is just one of his hobbies. Combine grilling and technology, and you’ve already got his attention. That’s why iGrill is a favorite of his.

The iGrill integration into Omaha Steaks’ app lets users grill based on temperature and time, so that they can make that perfect, mouth-watering steak.

Here are some of the features of the app:

Key Features of the iGrill-enabled “Steak Time” App from Omaha Steaks include:
·Multiple cooking timers and temperature tools allow users to set food preparation timers directly from within recipes and view active times and temperatures from anywhere in the app.
·Conversation cards feature provides a host of interesting facts and questions to help liven up the dinner discussion.
·Social media integration allows users to share recipes and tips with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.  It also allows Facebook users to see their friend’s posts on a world map showing locations.
·“Buy Now” buttons appear in grocery lists allowing them to purchase Omaha Steaks products. 
·Ability to browse the Omaha Steaks store from within the app.  

We even reviewed is a while back, and you can check that out here.

[Via iGrill]

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