Important Tower Madness Zero Tips

Tower defense games have become one of the most popular of all these new iOS oriented mobile genres.  These titles employ a strategy game format in a touch screen design that allows for incremental game, and usually allow for add ons and additions you can purchase that allow for it to be a constantly growing experience.  The primary element is that you have a goal of some sort, and an entrance where by enemies enter to try and reach the goal.  You build, and enhance, defensive towers to eliminate the enemies before they reach their target.  Tower Madness Zero, as one of the most popular of these, has maintained a playership by continuing to add maps and towers that you can purchase to create a unique experience.  The tools that you use to approach each map are both specific to Tower Madness, and often to the map, and through this there are some general tips that you can follow when you want to try to begin dominating each sequence of maps as you go through them.

The most primary Tower Madness Zero tip to follow is to extend the pathway for the aliens as much as you possibly can.  Often times the map you are doing has a specified path for the aliens to go on, where you then just place the towers along the map.  For maps that do not have specified paths then you have to create your own by placing towers, restricting the pathway of the aliens.  The longer the path, the more towers that can be placed and the longer they are exposed to the projectiles.  You want to create as curvy as a path as possible, and to start this off you will likely need to establish the direction of the path with the Plasmatron.  This is the cheapest of all towers, and often just used a filler, but will be good for directing the path.  These are so inexpensive that it is not much of a loss to sell them later and replace them with a more high impact tower if desired.

There is a lot of discussion in Tower Madness Zero tips forums about different towers, which is important, but the most important consideration with the tower you choose is how far you take it in terms of development.  It is always more important to have a few very powerful towers than many that have not be upgraded fully.  This should be the idea right from the start, and one of the best options for a powerful tower early in the game is the Electroshock tower.  This will eliminate a number of targets at once even in its early stages, and it can be the foundational “end” of your path for the beginning.  Later in the game, however, the Electroshock towers will not be some of the most powerful, and instead you will want to focus on times like Flamethrower III, Railgun VI, and Fusion Canon.  Nuke is also going to be in this category, yet it is not going to have the same kind of power as the other three.  These should also be used in a cluster where the most powerful towers stay together so that the enemies receive a large blast all at once where possible.

Flying aliens should really be thought of as different from the ground enemies and they should be defended against differently.  Some towers can go for both, and it is a nice addition when the flying enemies are addressed with some of the towers that are being used as part of the pathway, but since you cannot coordinate the direction of flying aliens with a built tower pathway in the way that you can with the ground aliens then you will need to address them differently.  Do do this, you should create a cluster of Flak cannons, heading in the direction of the Flak V cannon that will act as the heavy duty answer for later enemy swarms and bosses.  This cluster will be located toward the actual entrance to the sheep pen, and will be the end point of your pathway when you have finished constructing the path of towers for the ground enemies.  This will have to be started early in the process, around Wave 11, so that you can address the rounds of air based aliens that your pathway will not address.  In this way you will be dealing with two separate points of attack, the pathway for ground enemies and the cluster of Flak towers for flying ones.

Both the Flak clusters and the periods of high intensity towers in the pathway are not going to be effective just on their own and will require you to slow down the enemy, especially bosses.  The primary way to do this is the Electroslow tower, which should be paired with high intensity towers in every row of the pathway you create to keep the enemies moving slow.  there should be these towers every six or so of other towers to keep the pace down.  The second part of this is to actually use the lowly Plasmatron tower, which in its upper levels will actually stop an enemy temporarily as they are disoriented.  This is crucial for bosses and the only way to get them moving slow enough for the high intensity towers to do their job.  Again, these need to be dotted around like the Electroslow towers yet even more numerous.  If you can bring them up to levels IV and above it will sufficiently slow them down, but the Gauss Canon is a good platform to shoot for for all of your Plasmatron seed canons.  The Fusion Canon is the most expensive tower in the game, and for its expense possibly not worth it unless you have an excess, so only go for that in specific cases and not for every Plasmatron tower.

The Electroboost tower is an option that simply makes all the towers in its surrounding radius more powerful, and can be updated just like the other tower types.  Electroboost V is often a fine use of the additional boost, but level VI is nice though it costs 500 gold rather than the normal upgrade cost for the other levels of 80 gold.  The Electroboost tower amplifies all the towers touching, and you will notice that in the normal pathway formation there is usually only two towers it could be touching, so the Electroboost is not usually the best option for regular pathways.  Instead, it is a great option for clustering or on maps where there is a natural place where towers could be clustered together. If you can get three or more towers to be touching the Electroboost tower then it may be worth it, and it is often great for Flak clusters.

If you are on a map that has more than one entrance to the sheep pen then you have a little bit different of an approach you should do.  First pick one of the entrances and begin building a pathway not from the landing point for the aliens but at the entrance of the sheep pen.  Then you block off the other entrances entirely with Plasmatron towers.  This will make it so you only have a single entrance for land aliens, but the flying ones will still be able to head to these other entrances.  You will then arm those entrances only with Flak towers and Electroslow towers, eventually upgrading the Plasmatron towers you already placed there to deal with later flying bosses.

If you have entrances that are completely separated in the map from each other you have an even more complicated option ahead of you, but the best bet it to go ahead and follow the same pathway formation and try to get an Electroshock tower as fast as possible.  To do this you will likely need to figure out how the map works first by playing through it a few times.  You will need to know where the fast aliens come in first and where the first landing is, so you can position things so that you can get a high intensity tower on one side and then have enough time to get the same tower on the other before the aliens hit the sheep pen.  In these cases you will also want to do the pathway right up against the sheep pen rather than the conventional starting point at their landing spot.

Different aliens do respond more to some towers and less to other towers, but you cannot gear your towers in the direction of one alien type in the hopes that a specific map is more geared towards one.  Instead, the Tower Madness Zero tip that you should follow is that the high intensity towers that are going to make up the points on your pathway should be diverse on some level and alternate.  You will not, however, need to do this for flying enemies since all of them respond equally to the Flak towers.

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