iPhone 4S Battery Life Problems May Continue Through iOS 5.1

iOS 5

This isn’t good news for iPhone 4S users having issues with battery life. This comes from those with developer access who have been using the new firmware. While it’s not something we’d call a major cause for concern, it’s still a huge annoyance for users on the iPhone 4S who rely on their handset day in and day out.

AppAdvice says that iOS 5.1 doesn’t seem to do anything to help fix those battery issues, and said “Guess we’ll have to get used to it after all.” Let’s hope not. Other sites also checked it out and said that it really doesn’t seem any better, and that there is really no noticeable difference. Bummer. Let’s just hope it all gets fixed sooner or later. Also keep in mind that the iPhone 4S does have shorter battery life than the iPhone 4. However, these complaints come from users who have severe problems with battery life, as in they can’t even go through a regular work day without killing their iPhone.

That said, we have compiled a little guide to help you pinpoint the cause of your battery life problems and perhaps work around it in the meantime. You can find that here.

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