iPhone 5, iPad 2 and Steve Jobs Were Among Most Popular Google Searches in 2011


The iPhone 5 is rising in Google search popularity, according to Google’s Zeitgeist feature for 2011. That’s not entirely surprising as the iPhone 5 was making tons of news over the past year, and the unanticipated delay of what would become known as the iPhone 4S only added to the the hype and speculation.

As for the search term itself, “iPhone 5” ranked in as the sixth fastest-growing search globally. As reports point out, the additional rumors such as a new design, larger screen and just about everything else that emerged, continued to draw in searches, bringing them up 1,658 percent between 2010 and 2011. It apparently peaked around the week of September 25th, just when Apple was preparing to announce the next iPhone.

It’s likely that the iPhone 5 will continue to grow over the next year as the current model is called the iPhone 4S. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if iPhone 6 also becomes a popular search term on Google.

Steve Jobs and iPad 2 ranked in at nine and 10 respectively.

By the way, Rebecca Black was number one. In case you were wondering. Of course we are talking about a fastest-growing, she went from likely no Google searches to an overnight rise to fame.

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