iPhone 5 Redesign Rumored

The newest iPhone 5 rumors are now in.

The newest iPhone 5 rumors to come in with the help of BGR.com is that you can expect a full redesign in the outer casing.  Their reports is that an insider has linked to them that Apple is intending to have the iPhone 5 design come in with a plastic or rubbing casing around it rather than the recent trend towards a hard surfacing.  The phone will then look much like it does with a case on it, which may lower the overall need to have a case on the iPhone to keep it safe.

The main function for this is to help the glass connect with the back plate, that is aluminum.  The other purpose of this is that it is rumored that a new antenna system will come the entire phone, and it will need rubber surfacing to cover that up from the consumer.  This is all intended to be a surface that will sustain the major changes that are coming with the iPhone 5 redesign.

The main expectations that have been around for the iPhone 5 redesign are with the basic functionality of the device and what it can be used for.  The primary element is 4G connectivity, and it has often been rumored that the iPhone 4s was only released because the networks were not readied in time for a 4G capable iPhone.  They will not want to release this 4G device if there is not full 4G capabilities in the network, and so we wait another year.  The other possibilities are things like RFID capabilities and the ability to use a memory card, but these are still just ideas that have been floating around based on the perceived expectations of users.

One concrete element to this iPhone 5 redesign rumor is that we should be expecting the iPhone 5 release date to be in fall of 2012.  This would put the release date about a year after the iPhone 4s, which was the standard spacing until the iPhone 4s was so dramatically held back in 2011.  All of this points to the fact that these elements should be in place in the iPhone 5 and they simply could not be done in time, which is why the filler iPhone 4s was put out to pacify consumers for one more year.

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