iPhone 5 Rumor Time! Redesign This Year?

iPhone 4S

Well, the next iPhone may not look like any of these

You’ll never guess the latest iPhone rumor to hit the internet. Okay, maybe you will. This one claims that the next iPhone will be a complete redesign.

This report comes from BGR. Before we go too far, it’s worth mentioning that they have been pretty good with iOS-related rumors in the past, but most of those have related to software releases/dates. They say that a close source has informed them that the next iPhone will launch fall 2012. Furthermore, the handset will be totally redesigned. If the rumor is accurate, Apple plans to use a rubber, or plastic-type case for the body of the new iPhone. Perhaps as a bezel to surround the iPhone, which would protect the device from drops. The antenna is also going to be redesigned after many of the problems that plagued the iPhone 4 last year.

Also rumored is an aluminum backplate, unlike the glass of the current models. This could more closely resemble the look of the iPad, and perhaps a larger display.

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