iPhone Users: Concerned About Security, But Not Enough to Do Anything About It

As our phones have evolved from being communication devices to miniature computers, we haven’t completely stopped treating them like glorified walkie-talkies.

But when it comes time to making sure we keep the data on them safe, well, we’re worse than we are with our desktop and laptop computers.

A recent study commissioned by Lookout (which, full disclosure, has a smartphone security app) had some interesting conclusions. Given what we know about how bad people are at coming up with decent passwords to protect their accounts, most of the results of this survey ring true.

So what did the study find out about iPhone users?

  • 66 percent (that’s more than two-thirds, for those keeping track) of iPhone users don’t even have a passcode on their phones
  • Which  means that when they misplace their phone (which 15 percent do on a weekly basis), anyone can access any of their data or apps they’re signed into
  • Despite that, 93 percent say they’re concerned about security on their iPhones
  • But still, 30 percent of users don’t immediately update their iOS software when prompted

So, yes, iPhone users are quite aware of security concerns, but don’t do anything about it. In fact, 35 percent don’t even know how to get security software for their phones. (Ahem, App Store? Same place you download Angry Birds?)

This infographic from Lookout goes into more detail on iPhone owners attitudes toward security. Do the results surprise you? How does your awareness of security measure up?

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