Kickstarter Project: Quad Lock iPhone Case Mounting System

This one needs some major funding to become a reality. It’s a device that mounts on your wall and allows you to mount your iOS device on almost any surface with a built-in locking mechanism.

Another cool feature is that they added a case that protects the iPhone for those who want to mount it on their bike. Rain won’t stop you now! This is a project they’ve been developing since the first iPhone, so lots of thought and consideration definitely went into it.

You can read more about the Kickstarter project here.

Below is the press release:

Melbourne, Australia – December 14, 2011– Annex Products, the leading manufacturer of the Opena® case, announces the launch of Quad Lock Case, the ultimate multipurpose mounting system for your iPhone. The Quad Lock™ Case is a safe and easy mounting solution that mounts to almost any surface and conveniently positions your mobile device in portrait or landscape mode so you can easily watch movies, read the latest news or use apps, hands free.

The Quad Lock™ Case Mount is ultra slim and made from tough polycarbonate plastic to help protect the back of the iPhone during everyday use. The case’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It includes a built-in holder that snaps securely on to any of the Quad Lock™ Mounts.

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