More Apple Television (iTV) Speculation


Apple is said to be working on a new TV set. These rumors have been around for a while. They really blew up after Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs was released. In it Steve said something to the effect of “I believe we’ve cracked the code” when talking about Apple entering the TV market. Now, there are all kinds of rumors and speculation and inside sources speaking up anonymously.

Most recently, analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray has offered some insight. What does he think? While he doesn’t have any special insider knowledge, he can offer some speculation.

Why a TV? 

This is one I’ve asked myself many times. Why not just sell Apple TV at a consumer-friendly price and leave it at that? Well according to Munster, Apple wants to streamline the user experience. Users don’t want to have yet another set-top box to plug in / worry about. This would be an “all-in-one” solution. The idea is that Apple’s TV will serve more as an interface that makes it easier for users to enjoy the content they already watch.

It will likely make use of Siri, which has been discussed in previous rumors, and integrate with the rest of Apple’s ecosystem of iOS and Mac OS devices. Imagine being able to control television like what’s shown here.

He also says that Apple will likely offer various sizes to cater to consumer needs and budgets. He also believes that Apple’s television will be priced at about twice the going rate of current TV sets. This, he says is to cover the cost of additional hardware/software as well as maintain a high profit margin.

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