More Evidence That It May Not Be a Tablet Market — It’s an iPad Market

 iPad 2 Side Shot

This statement my anger some, but it’s very possibly true: There is no tablet market — It’s an iPad market. We talked about this a while back when HP killed their TouchPad after  a few weeks on the market. Now we are hearing reports of PC makers leaving behind tablets and focusing on UltraBooks instead.

What are UltraBooks? Basically another attempt to compete with an Apple device it seems. They are thin and light computers designed for easy travel. Think of Apple’s MacBook Air or Samsung’s super-thin Series 9 laptops.

Meanwhile, they are leaving the tablets to Apple and Amazon, who recently released the $199 Kindle Fire, and seems to be doing well with getting that in consumers’ hands.

As for entering the UltraBook market, we think it’s a nice idea, but it has to be done right. As with tablets, there isn’t something out there that quite reaches or surpasses the bar set by the iPad. However, we’ve always strongly believed (and we still do) that competition is a good thing in this field. There need to be competitors out there who can rival the iPad, much like there are some out there that rival the iPhone. We mean really make it it tough to choose between the iPhone and a competitor’s smartphone. Tablets don’t yet have that, in my opinion. However, there are many, many smartphones that can be recommended for someone who wants a sweet handset that isn’t an iPhone.

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