New iPad With iTunes Logo and USB Icon?


iTunes USB

This one doesn’t happen as often anymore, which may be why it may become an issue for some. Our friend works at a local school where they got some iPads. He doesn’t have one for himself. He powered up 14 out-of-the-box iPads and they booted with no problem. However, there was one that showed the iTunes logo and a USB icon. Anyone who has owned an iOS device knows this screen. However, because he owns no iOS devices, and all the other iPads powered up perfectly, this one threw him for a loop. Our guess was that iOS 5 wasn’t factory installed as it should have been in this particular model or it was one manufactured at an earlier date that just happened to fall into his hands.

We may see a bit of this over the holidays. It may throw you off if you haven’t used an iOS device before, but it’s not a problem. It just means that you will have to install iOS 5 by plugging your device into the computer. The good news about this version of iOS is that after that, you no longer need a computer to make it work.

Simply plug your device into your computer via USB. You will have to have iTunes installed. You don’t have to have a Mac, just iTunes. iTunes will tell you that there is new software available for your iPad. Simply install it for the update. For the record, we also learned that no Apple ID is needed for the update. However, you will obviously need one if you plan to make purchases.


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