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 Express Lane

My mom is a cool gal. Problem is, she’s not very computer literate. She does like her MacBooks and iBooks though. She received a MacBook Christmas of last year from my stepdad. However, she had one problem. About two months in, her trackpad stopped working. It just completely stopped working. Aside from that, the keyboard stopped working anytime after the computer woke up, forcing the user to restart.

Mom, being her busy self, kept putting off contacting Apple. She put it off and put it off. This week, she went out of state for back surgery. She will be out of commission for a good two weeks, so I figured it would be worth getting her MacBook fixed while I housesit for her and my stepdad.

It went a little something like this:


Nov. 30, 2011

I went to Apple’s website and set up a repair via Express Lane. Something I’d never had to do before:

Express Lane

The process was painless, and it saved me the trouble of having to be on the phone for a long time explaining my problems with the computer. We got a case number and instructions to a) call them, or b) set up a time for them to call.

We went ahead and said we would call later. (Note that all the computer’s info is registered to my mom, so she had to forward me the email, which I received Dec. 3).

Dec 5, 2011

I got around to calling Apple Dec. 5th. I gave them my case number and they were able to get the info on the computer and had me run some basic diagnostics. No luck. Everything checked out as working perfectly, according to the computer. The person at the Apple customer support said, “I’d suggest just sending it in.” We proceeded with that. And within minutes he had a box coming our way.

Dec 6, 2011

We received the box on Dec 6th. It’s a very large box with a bunch of padding. Overnight delivery via FedEx.

Dec 7, 2011

After working on the site Wednesday afternoon, it was time to send out the MacBook. Here are some photos documenting the process:



MacBook wrapped

in box



tape it up

They even provided tape!

boxed up

The box was ready to go. It was after five Friday afternoon when I went to my local FedEx to ship it out. The return slip was included with the shipment and all i had to do was take it to the FedEx facility and the gentleman behind the counter handled the rest. No charge. Apple had it covered.

Dec 9, 2011

At about 10:30 am, the doorbell rang. FedEx delivery guy! He had me sign for the box and dropped it off.


The MacBook was packed nicely in the box. We checked out our repair summary. They replaced three components and shipped it out the same day (They received it Dec 8th, and sent it out later that day).

Overall – It Works!

My mom’s MacBook now works perfectly and she will be thrilled when she returns. No more having to use a mouse on the couch! Apple was quick to turn it around, and had we sent/called immediately, the turnaround time would have been about four days. That’s one to put in the work order and call for a box. Two to receive and send the empty box. Three for repairs, and receive it on the fourth day.

Nice job, Apple.

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