PDF PROvider Hands-on (iSmashPhone Review)

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These days, most productivity applications have some sort of PDF export. Whether you are using Microsoft Word, Apple’s Pages or any other productivity app. However, there are times when you must export a PDF and you don’t have something on-hand. Perhaps it’s a .doc you received in your inbox, or a file you needed to grab off your Dropbox account. Either way, we have all found ourselves in a situation where we need to open or send a document and the most convenient method is a PDF. PDFs can be read on just about any computer, all someone has to do is install Adobe Reader. There are few compatibility problems if any with PDFs. That’s why they are so popular.

Landscape vs Portrait 

Upon first look, the app can seem a bit strange, especially in portrait mode as things aren’t labeled. That said, it’s probably best to use it in landscape until you learn the functions. After that, the icons will all make sense and you can use the app normally.

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PDF Export

How is the PDF Export? This is why we got the app after all, right? In one word: Painless.

You simply find the document you want to convert, hit the familiar iOS ‘share’ button and select “Convert to PDF.” That’s it. For our standard 1-2 page documents it took less than a second.

From there, you can go to “Converted PDFs,” which holds your newly-created PDF files. From there, you can select the file and again use the ‘share’ button to send it out via email, or open it in another application.

Merging PDFs

One of the awesome features here is the ability to merge PDFs. You go to your “Converted PDFs” and hit “Edit.” Once you do that, you can select any or all of the PDFs and hit the merge icon (which looks like three arrows pointing at a stack of pages) and hit “Merge” after confirming the pages you want to put together. After that, you will have a merged document added to your “Converted PDFs.” Again, you can share those and open on another device of computer so long as it can read PDFs.

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You can turn documents, webpages, photos, clipboard art and even contacts into PDF files. It’s nice to have that kind of versatility with a simple app. It’s all very easy and straightforward, so most users should pick it all up very quickly. We did look at the Quick Start Guide. It’s useful for getting an idea of how to use the app, but to be honest we didn’t need it, and it only made the app seem more complicated than it actually was. We suggest just diving in and seeing what it can do.

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