Report: iPad 3 Home Buttons Leaked?


Supposedly, the image above is of some iPad 3 Home Buttons alongside iPad 2 Home Buttons. There is very little difference between the two, but website 9to5Mac, which obtained the images, does take note of a few things. This is all if we were to just let ourselves pretend that they are real iPad 3 parts.

For one, it means that the iPad 3 is likely in production. Two, they are available in both black and white. Perhaps most importantly? These indicate that the iPad 3 will have a Home Button. This is contrary to rumors we’ve heard time and time again in the past of future iOS devices not having a Home Button. It seems as if we can count on them being there in future devices. It’s also nice to know that we won’t see that ugly elongated Home Button design that was rumored with the iPhone 5.


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