Report: iPhone 4S to Arrive in Russia on December 16th

iPhone 4S

According to reports, and a store holding pre-orders, it seems that the iPhone 4S is expected to launch in Russia on December 16th, 2011. This would be two months after the North American launch, but could still be much better than past years.

While launching in other territories isn’t a huge issue itself, the problem arises for some when people who can’t wait for their iPhone 4S start importing them or finding other means of purchasing. Again, while it may not necessarily seem like a problem to import, this doesn’t work well for carriers hoping to sell the handset and hoping that they can tie people to a contract. This also means that by the time some countries begin to officially carry the iPhone 4S, people already have it.

Still, this is not official, so it’s important not to get too excited yet. This is just a from a rough Google translation, so consider it a rumor for now.

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