Report: More iPad 3 Parts Leaked?

iPad 3

As we hear the inevitable spring 2012 release and announcement of the iPad 3, we are seeing more rumors piling up. This time, it’s in the form of supposed parts for Apple’s new tablet.

Above is an image of what is said to be an iPad 3 flex cable, coming from parts retailer

It’s hard to tell without looking at the matching iPad 2 part, but the reports say that this is definitely a newly-designed piece. Some even speculating that the new look can even hint at a major iPad 3 redesign. Of course that’s thinking way ahead of what we have here. This is just one of many internal components. Actually, we can’t even say for a fact that it is part of an iPad 3.

As website MacRumors points out, new designs for components don’t necessarily mean the device itself will look different. They use iPhone internals as an example. Parts were changed for the CDMA components, but the newly-found parts led to speculation that it may be a major redesign.


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