Rumor: Apple to Reveal Two iPads Next Month – Retina Display?

iPad 2 Side Shot

Okay, before we start, we are having a very hard time believing this one. That said, the latest rumor says that Apple will debut two iPads next month. Next month as in January? That is what the rumor says.

According to Digitimes (via TechCrunch), the previously rumored smaller iPad (which we thought was total BS anyway, but hey, we’ve been wrong before) may not be a reality. Instead, we may see two new iPads with Retina Displays, this would help keep some high- and mid-end iPads, say reports. Meanwhile, the iPad 2 would stay on the market as a competitor for the Kindle Fire.

There are all kinds of rumors floating around, but the most believable is that the iPad may be equipped with a Retina display. As for a smaller iPad? We doubt it, but who knows. Would Apple want to keep the current iPad on the market as a lower-end model? Perhaps, but it’s nothing they’ve really been known to do. We will know for sure when Apple releases their iPad 3.


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