Setting Up Siri on the iPhone 4s

For those who are just picking up the iPhone 4s, Siri will likely be the new feature that excites them the most.  As it was the shining prize of the iPhone 4s release, along with some other iOS 5 features like iMessages and iCloud, Siri has the potential to redefine the way that we use smartphones more broadly.  Whether it is interacting with the basic iPhone functions like text messages, phone calls, and calendar dates, or if it is just reaching out into the internet and GPS coordination and asking questions without having to rely on conventional search infrastructures.  When you are first taking the device out of the box, you are likely going to want to rush through activation and then get Siri up and running as fast as humanly possible.  The process of setting up Siri on the iPhone 4s is actually much simpler than you think, if you even have to do anything at all.

Once you get your iPhone activated and are going through the initial setup phase you will come across a series of questions about how you want your device to establish itself.  These will be things like whether or not to enable iCloud, use location features, send data automatically to Apple, and basic terms and conditions.  Along with these will be one for Siri, and it will give you a basic note about what Siri is before you have the option to “Use Siri” or “Don’t Use Siri.”  The most primary element of setting up Siri on the iPhone 4s is going to be choosing to Use Siri, otherwise you will need backtracking once the phone is operational.

After the iPhone is up and running you may already have Siri activated, but you can check on this and ensure the correct settings.  Go into Settings and then go down to General, which is directly above iCloud in the third section down.  In here you will choose Siri, which is the second block down and above Network.  At the top of the Siri settings page will be an On and Off switch for Siri, which must remain in the On position.  You will also have a few other options.  First, the language will likely be set as a default of American English.  Below that you can choose if you want Voice Feedback and if you want your info in it.  A the bottom you should choose the Raise to Speak option to On, which allows you to raise the phone to your head to speak to Siri.

Get out of the Settings and then hold down the Home button.  If Siri is operational then it will pop up with a default question asking “What can I help you with?”  You can then either hit the round Siri button below the text to ask it a question or issue a command, or you can bring it up to your ear to do the same.  You can usually just bring it up to your ear without holding the Home button previously to issue Siri commands, but the standard is to go into the special Siri command screen.  From here you can play with the various ways that you will work with Siri, allowing your own use to develop as you find how it fits your needs.

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