Sim City in Space? Space Frontier for iOS On Sale Now


Space Frontier

Space Frontier is a sim-type game for iOS. It’s about building a civilization from scratch, as you would in Sim City, and managing life to make sure that your little virtual world prospers. The app is currently on sale for 99 cents (regularly $3.99).

If you like simulation-type games that require careful planning and thought, this may be the way to go. At 99 cents it’s definitely worth a shot.

Here is a short description of the game and some of its features:

“Rescue the human race by creating new colonies on distant planets in this epic sim sci-fi adventure!

The year is 2150, and the Earth’s resources have been exhausted, rendering our former home uninhabitable. It’s your job to rebuild civilization, using your wits and all of the technology and resources available to you. Explore the universe, choose new planets for Earth’s people, and keep your colonists safe and healthy.

The future of mankind depends upon you. But you’ll have help, from your trusty and beautiful android sidekick, Runa. Together, you must cope with each unexpected crisis while managing each colony wisely. Do you have what it takes?”


*More than twenty unique building types
*Countless tasks and objectives to complete to keep your colonies going strong
* Thirty planets, each with their own mysteries
* Forty goal-oriented stages to put your skills to the test
* A huge variety of futuristic technology at your disposal
* Numerous quests and original challenges
* Story-line driven, cinematic soundtrack, and engaging graphics



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