Spire, Legal Port of Siri, Arrives for Jailbroken iPhones – The Catch?

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iOS hackers chpwn and Ryan Petrich recently released a tool for jailbroken iPhones that allows users to install Siri. It’s a port called Spire, and it works on any iPhone that will run iOS 5.

The difference here, according to reports, is that this port is legal. Where previous Siri ports have violated Apple’s copyrights, this tool downloads all 100MB of Siri direct from Apple, rather than sharing resource files and code that belong to Apple.

Still, as reported, users will have to configure Siri with a proxy server address, “Apple has made it very likely impossible to defeat the authorization requirement. I reverse engineered it, and it does not appear possible to connect Siri to the cloud without information from an iPhone 4S.”

What does all this mean? According to TechCrunch, it just means that hackers are one step closer to getting Siri on other iPhone devices that aren’t the iPhone 4S. But because of those Siri proxies, which are difficult to obtain legally, it’s not entirely of much use to most of us.



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