Storie: The Evolution of the Photography App

For many, the iPhone has become the camera of choice.

The 5 megapixel camera with the iPhone 4 (plus the HDR option) and the 8 megapixel iPhone 4S camera has enabled many photographers – hobbyists or otherwise – to use the phone as their everyday point-and-shoot camera.

The continuously improving camera also has sparked an explosion in photography apps. Instagram, PicPlz, Hipstamatic – all allow users to shoot photos and share them. Even the relative grandaddy of photosharing – Flickr – has come out with its own app.

But they’re still relatively limiting in what they allow. You shoot, you filter, you share.

Storie, an app that came out this fall (and had 100,000 downloads in just the first month), is the first wave of apps that allow photographers to actually tell a story with those images.

The images can come from anywhere on your phone or the internet (there’s a browser plugin that allows you to collect images from around the Web) and you can create your very own captioned slideshow from within the app. If you want to link your account to Facebook, you can even import photos from your Facebook albums. Alternately, an update released this week enables users to set the slideshows to private if they don’t want to share.

You can search existing slideshows according to subject or geography. Besides the “popular” list, there’s also an option, “Surprise me!” where interesting slideshows that may not yet show up on popular lists are served up to users.

Subjects vary widely, from true love:

 To doors and windows:

It will be interesting to see where Storie goes from here – and how other photo apps will evolve in response. You can take photos directly from the app, and the app has several filter/frame/focus options, which you can set manually or select from the most popular combinations.

If you’re already using Storie, please link us to your stories in the comments! And if you’re not, and you download it, share your stories when you do.

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