Survey: iPhone 4S Leaving Users Very Satisfied


ChangeWave Research has released new results for the iPhone 4S. It seems that the new handset is winning in customer satisfaction, and surpassing previous iPhone models.

The survey outlined many features and points about the iPhone 4S. One thing brought up was the iPhone 4S battery life. While two in five respondents said it was shorter, most said it wasn’t  a big problem (via 9to5Mac).

They said dropped calls also seemed down, and that it had maybe half the rate of dropped calls that the iPhone 4 did. Roughly 30 percent of users are bummed at not having 4G capabilities in the iPhone 4S while about 11 percent aren’t thrilled with the small screen of the iPhone 4S (they prefer the larger screens of some of the Android handsets.).

Here are some of the main dislikes about the iPhone 4S. Battery life ranked at the top. Of course, it’s important to remember that most did not see it as a huge problem, either. So even though it was the biggest issue, it may have been minor to a majority of users.



The iPhone 4S is actually leaving users more satisfied than the iPhone 4 did when it was released, according to the chart below:


Among the favorite features? Siri, of course:


Siri is a favorite for most. That’s no surprise as it’s the iPhone 4S’ killer feature. Robin Williams seems to be enjoying it as well. We just thought this little video was too much fun to pass up:

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