The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ Now Available for iBooks – Free Download


Yellow Submarine

Beatles fans will have some reading/viewing material this weekend as Yellow Submarine has been released as an animated eBook on iBooks.

Here’s a short description of the book:

This enchanting illustrated book captures the same magical spirit found in the film. The Beatles’ journey to save Pepperland from the music-hating Blue Meanies is filled with surrealistic humor, wit, and clever references to The Beatles’ song titles and lyrics. In this iTunes exclusive, clips from the movie have been included throughout and can be viewed either embedded in the page or at full-screen. The book also contains interactive animations as well as sound effects and music clips. Download the book for free right here and enjoy it on iBooks on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

The download is free, and available for all three iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch).

Get it below:


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