Virus Filter EP – Free Download Available for 24 Hours


Virus Filter

Our friends over at Virus Filter are giving away their EP for the amazingly low price of free. He’s promoting and trying to get his music out, so we figured we’d give him a little publicity.

Virus Filter is harsh industrial with awesome electronics and synth-based sounds. It’s probably what you’d get if you crossed Manson, Hocico and Psyclon Nine then tossed them together and put them on the dance floor. Okay, enough with the band comparisons, but they are somewhat necessary for someone who stumbles on and wants to know more or less what they are downloading before they listen to it.

The music is fun and made for the clubs. However, we will warn you that this does carry a parental advisory sticker. Just in case you aren’t too into explicit lyrics.

Download it at BandCamp –

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