Wall Street Journal: Apple Still Wants that TV Market

Apple TV 2G

The next Apple TV could be something very different.

Apple has had moderate success in the television market. While the second-generation Apple TV hasn’t done great, we wouldn’t call it bad, either. It’s just not exactly pulling in the kind of numbers that Apple is so used to with devices like the iPod, iPod touch and iPad.

The report talks about a voice-controlled TV set, something like what we’ve heard about before:

In at least one meeting, Apple described future television technology that would respond to users’ voices and movements, one of the people said. Such technology, which Apple indicated may take longer than some of its other ideas, might allow users to use their voices to search for a show or change channels.

This is likely going to be Siri’s handywork. It’s also likely that it will somehow integrate directly with your Mac and your iOS device. Much of it will involve use of the cloud in some way. For instance, a user could begin by watching a TV show or movie on the television screen, then continue watching it on another device.

The report also mentions the following:

The TV device Apple is working on would use a version of Apple’s wireless-streaming technology AirPlay to allow users to control it from iPhones and iPads, according to people briefed on the matter. When the company plans to start selling such a device and whether it would receive traditional broadcast or cable signals remains unclear, said these people, who say Apple may change its plans.

You can read the full report at the Wall Street Journal. The good news about the Journal is that they have some great contacts at Apple, because they are almost always right on this stuff.

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