Want A Custom Smartphone Case? DreamJet Has The Fastest Solution

You might have bumped into various automated kiosks but not one which dresses up your smartphone. Obviously we can’t compare these with cost-effective online solutions but on the other hand this is surely an immediate and on-the-spot solution. Dress up your smartphone with custom cases with Dreamjet’s new Artist kiosk.

Unveiled at the Korea International Sign & Design Show, the automated kiosk lets users order either a leather or silicone case for their smartphone including ability to equip it with custom messages, graphics and photos.

Presented with a user-friendly touchscreen UI, the kiosk has features to easily add and position text, add custom clip art and images from the library, or import your own photos via a USB drive. After compilation, the design is applied on a high inkjet printer, which takes less than three minutes for a leather or under two minutes for the silicone to be fully ready to be dressed over your smartphone.


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