5 Rumors About the iPad 3 and Future of the iPad 2

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It’s only expected that we will begin to hear rumors about the new iPad, as well as other iOS devices, as we enter the new year. Everyone is speculating on what Apple has in store for consumers in 2012.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest rumors to crop up. Remember, these are rumors. Take them as you will.

iPad 3 will be full HD

A recent news report claimed that the iPad 3 will feature a full HD display. This will come in March. Still, as website 9to5Mac (http://9to5mac.com/2012/01/06/report-apple-to-launch-full-hd-ipad-3-in-march-followed-by-ipad-4-in-october/) reports, this news comes from Digitimes, and they haven’t always been accurate as of late. Still, a high-def screen or Retina display of some sort makes sense, and is something many have been expecting. Whether or not Apple goes through with it will likely be seen this spring.

Huh? iPad 4 in October?

Our thoughts exactly, pumpkin dude. (credit)

People just can’t let this one go. We highly doubt that Apple wants to release two iPad upgrades in a year. We don’t have inside sources, and we don’t know suppliers, but why would Apple want to do something like this. If anything, they would hold an upgrade over, much like they did with the 4S, if they wanted to target the fall release season.

A6 Chips to Be Quad-core

This one is more on the believable side. According to reports, the A6 processor will be quad-core. This is hinted at by looking deep within iOS 5.1 beta 2, and some who have extensive knowledge of iOS have explained to 9to5Mac that there are references to additional cores deep within the code.

Some things to keep in mind. Just because the code is in there doesn’t necessarily mean we will see it in the A6 and iPad 3. Remember, we saw references to a higher-res iPad display months before the iPad 2 was announced. Apple seems to value battery life over bigger numbers in the processor department. Either way, what matters in the end is how efficiently the software runs on its given device.

iPad 3 to Get FaceTime HD Camera

Some reports say that the iPad 3 will have a FaceTime HD camera. This is possible. Some current Apple computers are equipped with a FaceTime HD camera. It’s also said that the rear-facing camera on the iPad will be higher-quality. Again, it’s all possible, and since FaceTime is one of those standout features of the iPad (IMHO), it makes sense that they would want to make it a strong selling point for future devices.

iPad 2 Dropping to $399?

This rumor also makes sense. In the past, Apple has done something similar with the iPhone. They keep the previous model, but drop the price by $100 and limit options. So say, Apple only keeps the iPad 2 16GB wifi and drops it to $399. That’s still a good spot for Apple if they want to remain competitively-priced. Those who want the latest and the greatest can have their iPad 3 at regular price. Those who just want an affordable media device? iPad 2 it is. Again, it’s still just a rumor.

Rumors Rumors Rumors!

We’re no strangers to iOS device rumors. We’ve heard many of them. Some sound completely real, and others are sickeningly ridiculous. Either way, we try to keep our readers knowing what’s happening with iOS devices. But we also like to ask our readers what they think, so here it is: What do you want or think we will see in the next iPad? What are some of your realistic expectations?

Let us know in the comments.

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