A Game of Words With Friends Helped Save a Life

words with friends

We’ve heard stories of apps and smartphones helping save lives in unusual ways, like the lost hiker or several other stories of people using apps to save their lives. It’s pretty cool to read, but this one here may be one of the most interesting ways someone’s life has been saved.

Here’s how the story goes (via Ozarksfirst): A Missouri woman named Beth Legler was playing a game of Words With Friends on her smartphone. She happened to meet a gentleman from Australia named Simon Fletcher and his wife Georgie. During their play, he wasn’t feeling well. Simon was describing his symptoms to Beth, who relayed the information to her husband Larry, who happens to be a doctor. The diagnosis? Get to the hospital. Now.

Turns out he had a 99 percent blockage near his heart. This would have killed him very soon.

Simon is happy to be alive now, and we are sure his Words With Friends partner is happy that he is alive as well. All because they met randomly a couple years back and kept in touch for future matches.

Pretty interesting story, and it’s great to hear that everyone is okay.



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