Accessory Spotter: Nissan’s Smarphone Case…Nissan? The Car People?

Nissan Case iPhone

Check out Nissan’s smarphone case. Yeah, Nissan Motor Co., the folks who make cars, they have made an iPhone case. What’s truly interesting about this case, however, is that they claim it self-heals.

That’s right. It’s made of some sort of paint that Nissan uses to coat their cars, some sort of “Nissan Scratch Shield.” Small scratches will supposedly heal within a few hours and larger scratches will fix in about a week, they say. Here’s how the Wall Street Journal’s report puts it:

The trick is in the paint’s outer layer, which is made from a material called polyrotaxane. When bruised, the flexible chemical structure reacts by reverting back to its original shape. What the consumer would see is the case healing itself, according to Nissan. Also, made of a plastic variety also used in cars, the auto maker says the case material is stronger than others.

Interesting. We’d love to see this in action. Seeing is believing, after all. At least in this case (No pun intended).

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