Accessory Spotter: Toughest iPhone 4/4S Case By Tank

“We can design a better case”.

Case-Mate, one of the leading mobile accessories brand unveiled a military grade case which guarantees protection against shock/drop, vibration, wind/rain and dust. Tagged as ‘TANK’, the iPhone 4/4S case has been specially designed to defend the smartphone from screen to back.

The case rolls out a combined design with a hard exterior and a soft interior which transfers less force to your phone when dropped. Falling under US military standards, certain tests have proved to rank it as the #1 impact resistance case available.

In a recent study, 70% of the iPhone failures were reported due to cracked screens. So don’t let your phone be one of them as TANK rolls out the complete protection for you that shields you from impacts, cracks and shocks.


1. Polycarbonate hard shell with silicone-cushioned interior.

2. Retractable screen shields and protects.

3. Meets or exceeds US military standards.

4. Premium, soft grip texture won’t stick in your pocket, with fun colors for everyone

5. Holster clip allows you to keep the phone easily accessible; included for iPhone 4/4S only

We have tested the case for the past month and it does deserve the name Tank.  Our only recommendation is to improve sliding screen protector or remove it entirely for different type model.

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