An Officer Recovers Stolen iPhone Using “Find My iPhone”

While browsing around my morning paper, was amazed to read on a crime-solving robbery on our favorite smartphone, the iPhone 4. You don’t need to be any Sherlock Holmes while solving something like this as the iPhone 4 proved useful in helping officers track down a robber in Manhattan and that too within half an hour.

The case went something like:

An iPhone was robbed from a handbag store at about 7 p.m while the Cashier was on break and busy watching a video on YouTube, wearing headphones. A man showed up in the shop, pointed a gun at her, grabbed her iPhone and fled. She reported this to the police who promised her on getting the iPhone back.

The arresting officer, Robert Garland, a die-hard Apple consumer used “Find My iPhone”, a feature which the Cupertino-based gadget giant offers to iOS users, to find and locate the smartphone. By punching in the Apple ID, the officer determined the location on a digital map that the robber was nearby.

Before the arresting officer moved in to arrest the robber who was standing outside a Food Emporium, he pushed the “Play Sound” button on his phone and an instant pinging “Beep” started emitting from the robber. Garland moved in closer to the man and the pinging stopped.

The robber was arrested red handed with the stolen iPhone in his right sock.

What a perfect recovery. Be sure to trace your iPhone and inform the authorities if something of this sort happens to you.

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