Apple Becomes 8th Most Valuable Brand in the World

 Brand Value

Accoridng to Interbrand’s Best Global Brands of 2011 report, Apple’s value has shot up by 58 percent year over year. In 2010, Apple was the number 17 most valuable company in the world. For 2011, it’s gone up the ranks to number 8.

It’s also reported that this growth far exceeds that of any of the other top 100. Number one is Coca-Cola, (Sorry, I my roommate and I keep Pepsi rich). Then IBM and Microsoft. Just behind MS is Google and GE followed by McDonald’s and Intel then Apple, which is right above Disney and HP.

We will see how growth happens next year. It’s interesting to know that aside from Apple growing the most, companies like General Electric saw no growth. Microsoft actually went down three percent. Of course they are still far above Apple when it comes to brand value (at least that’s the case when looking at the chart).

[Via Apple Insider]

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