Apple Planning Media-Related Event for This Month, But it’s Not What You May Think


According to All Things D, Apple is planning some sort of media-related event. Don’t get too excited. It’s nothing large-scale, and it’s going to be in New York at the end of January.

However, All Things D does make sure to mention that this date or event can change, so it may not be set in stone. Two things to keep in mind for sure are that it’s NOT related to the iPad 3, and it’s not related to the rumored Apple HDTV. Don’t even consider either of those for a second. You’ll only disappoint yourself.

It’s also worth noting that Eddy Cue is involved, he is Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, which means, according to All Things D, that it may be some sort of advertising or publishing announcement. Cue’s role puts him in charge of most of Apple’s media and online presence such as the iTunes store, App Store, iBookstore and iAd as well as iCloud, specifies All Things D.

Almost a year ago Apple did announce their online magazine The Daily, so we can probably expect an announcement on par with that. Something notable, but not huge.

[via All Things D]


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